Touring around Google’s HQ – where is the search engine?

The tour, which I took in 2006 after they moved to their Moun- tain View headquarters, offered fun facts about life at Google, like the free organic lunches in the cafeteria and power outlets for lap- tops in curious places (stairwells, for example), expenses taken to ensure Googlers are able, at all times, to find their best ideas. While I wondered whether Beethoven or Hemingway, great minds noted for thriving on conflict, could survive in such a nurturing environment without going postal, my attention was drawn to questions from the tourists. A young professional woman, barely containing her embarrassment, asked, “Where is the search engine? Are we going to see it?”, at which only HALF the group laughed. (There is no singular “engine”—only endless dull bays of server computers running the search-engine software.)

The Myths of Innovation
by Scott Berkun

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